Testmonials for Jamie K. Bolio of 62 George Street
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“Jamie discovered our film The Secret of Kells in Europe where she was working on Sylvain Chomet’s The Illusionist. Indeed, prior to us securing US distribution, she contacted us to see if she could help get our film seen by as many colleagues as possible in the US.  I believe the tireless work she did in championing our film, which was based only on her seemingly unlimited passion and enthusiasm for animated projects of artistic merit, helped in no small way to raise the profile of our small independent animated feature.  I personally owe Jamie a great debt of gratitude for showing that there is a real heart and soul amongst the animation industry in LA and that there is an interest and passion in filmmakers of merit from outside the mainstream.”
– Tomm Moore, Director
Song of the Sea, The Secret of Kells



“Jamie has impeccable judgment, fearless integrity and a life-long commitment to animation.  I know few people who have the ability to encourage and nurture animation talent the way Jamie has done for decades.  Wherever there is ground-breaking, emotionally rich, and unique work – you’ll find Jamie.  Working behind the scenes to ensure the film is seen, that filmmakers understand their film’s place in the context of the world stage and that every door that she can open is opened for the work to shine through, Jamie throws light onto films that would otherwise remain unseen.  She inspires filmmakers to keep going.”
– Nora Twomey, Director
The Breadwinner, The Secret of Kells



“Jamie’s contribution to the global animation industry has been to single-handedly lift a very tight ceiling.  She helps balance the playing field by introducing and facilitating broader access to quality films and talent that operate outside the major studios.  Having long-fostered relationships and the trust of colleagues around the globe, Jamie is often asked to review scripts, animatics and works-in-progress.  She sees the latest shorts and features at film festivals across Europe and infuses our Los Angeles based community with knowledge about animation across the globe.  Our industry can thrive best when we have the opportunity to explore animation from all over the world and Jamie has been steadfast in opening these windows to widen our vision.”

– Zahra Dowlatabadi, Producer & Co-Writer
Producing Animation



“Ms. Bolio has been instrumental in bringing many of our recent Animated Feature Nominees to the attention of the membership of the Motion Picture Academy and the entire animation community.  Specifically, Ms. Bolio was a key player in finding and bringing The Secret of the Kells to a larger audience, which led to the film becoming an unexpected nominee among a field of much higher visibility animated features.  Speaking personally, I can attest to the fact that when I see Ms. Bolio associated with an animated film from the international market, I absolutely make the effort to see the film, because I know that if she lends her name in support of a movie, it will be of the highest quality.  Her outstanding contribution to our industry is one that has been to shine the light on so many great films (and filmmakers) that otherwise might not have been seen by as great an audience.”

– Steve Hickner, Producer

DreamWorks Animation



“In 2012, I co-directed the film Ernest and Celestine which was produced by Didier Brunner and distributed in the U.S. by GKIDS. Being a young director with no experience in sharing my work in front of an audience, Jamie was an integral help. In setting up screenings at different studios, she gave me the opportunity to not only screen the film, but also talk about the contributions of our very small crew, share the artwork behind the film and discuss our pipeline process. As an industry professional herself, I admire the way she supports animated filmmaking in all its forms — and placing importance on the human connection to her work – and mine. Jamie’s passion for independent cinema – and her support for filmmakers who, without her help, would have difficulty getting their film the needed industry exposure. I hope I managed to transcribe all the good she brings to this industry which unites a common cause: celebrating quality, richness and diversity from all over the world.”

– Benjamin Renner, Director
Ernest and Celestine, The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales



“I find Jamie to be a rare and important asset to the industry.  She is incredibly supportive of filmmakers, artists and studios — and she does her best to share her love of great film, strong talent, and good people.  Jamie sets up screenings and events throughout the world and specifically in Los Angeles.  She enables the animation community access to films like Boy and the World and the opportunity to get to know the filmmaker and their process.  International filmmakers may not always be confident in our English-language skills, but Jamie ensures that the intricacies about the story and workflow are always appropriately conveyed to the audience.  Jamie comes from the field as an artist and appreciates story, visual language and appeal, but she also understands the technical side and can speak about the process.  She is not just a proponent of the animated films on her slate but a champion of the industry.”

– Ale Abreu, Director
Boy and the World



“I have known Jamie Bolio for over 20 years, having worked together at Walt Disney Animation.  I have seen the remarkable turn and progress that her new path has taken as a representative and advance scout for independent animators and their films around the world.  She has been a great champion for the art, and the artists, never promoting herself but the people and their work that deserve exposure.  Having worked around the world at different studios as an artist, she has quite a far-flung net of friends and colleagues, but more than that it is her passion and tireless energy for the art form and its creators that sets her apart.”

– Roger Allers, Director
The Lion King, Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet



“I have known Jamie for many years and watched her emerge as a key player, bringing European independent films and filmmakers to the attention of The Academy, to the studios, industry and community by way of screenings, presentations and Q&A’s.  Jamie travels extensively, finds the best along her travels and brings them directly to us.  She champions high-quality, diverse films that may never be recognized without the proper exposure by introducing filmmakers and their artwork to distributors, organizations, colleagues, schools and studios in a myriad of ways.  It is with this confidence, passion and commitment to the craft that she has not only found her true calling, but has helped to expand our industry’s landscape to include more diversity in animated content from region to culture to story to medium.”

– Max Howard, Owner and CEO

Melwood Pictures



“I have worked with Jamie for upwards of 5 years now, and I can say that she is an absolute expert on all things animation.  Not only does she have the crucial studio connections to really move any kind of release campaign, she has a keen eye for animation and a thorough understanding of how the industry works, coming from the field as a veteran artist herself.  Beyond all of that, she is deeply passionate about the craft of animation, and the artists who make it all happen.”

– Lyn Cowan, Publicity & Marketing Manager



“Jamie Bolio is a trusted collaborator in LA with a great network of contacts in major American Animation Studios.  The National Film Board of Canada has been working with her to hold screenings and position animation films with influencers in the US. Since 2016, we have consulted with her on various promotional and awards campaigns, including the Oscar®-nominated short films, Blind Vaysha (Theodore Ushev) and Animal Behaviour (Alison Snowden and David Fine).  On a personal note, Jamie’s charm and empathy, coupled with her sense of diplomacy, helped us a great deal through the years. She is also very kind and generous, and I am grateful to work with such a wonderful person.”

– Genevieve Bérard, Distribution, Communication & Marketing
National Film Board of Canada