More about If I Was God… & Carface
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More about If I Was God… & Carface

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I was thrilled to meet the NFB’s Michael Fukushima this year in Annecy as we were all walking through the cobble-stoned streets making our way from one screening to another.



MichaelJoanJan_AnnecyMichael Fukushima, Executive Producer at the NFB, with Filmmakers Joan Gratz and Jan Pinkava



Michael was kind enough to re-introduce me to his colleagues Julie Roy and Christine Noel who were in LA last week touring around with Cordell Barker and Claude Cloutier.


I was lucky enough to not only meet up with them in Tinseltown but I was able to take a look at the filmmaker’s extraordinary shorts and talk to them at length about their process.


Here is sneak peek:


If I Was God - Cordell Barker

Produced by the National Film Board of Canada and directed by two-time Oscar®-nominated animator and long-time NFB collaborator Cordell Barker (The Cat Came Back, Strange Invaders), If I Was God… “explores the difficult gateway between childhood and adolescence, when the approaching power of adulthood is often mistaken for omnipotence. Drawing inspiration from his own memories of a particularly awkward day in Grade 7, and using a variety of animation techniques, from traditional animation to stop-motion puppets and more, Barker creates a darkly whimsical 3D animated short film with an organic, hand-made feel that’s as imperfectly human as the world we all ultimately craft for ourselves.”


Cordell employed 5 different types of animation — including different stop motion and traditional techniques to achieve the desired look and feel of this incredibly appealing short film. He also learned MAYA to help previs the short in CG, build sets and utilize his cameras.  He then moved on to After Effects to use cut-outs as an aid to show his small animation team exactly the timing and action he wanted implemented.


An interview with Cordell by Dan Sarto of AWN:




The second film is Carface a stunning piece by Claude Cloutier.

“In this whirling, twirling automotive waltz, carefree cars cavort in all directions to the tune of “Que Sera, Sera,” while the black ooze that fuels them is unremittingly pumped from Mother Earth. If Busby Berkeley and Mel Brooks were asked to co-direct the apocalypse, it might look like this uproarious festival of destruction—the ultimate spectacle for our Big Oil-based civilization.


Claude’s has an extraordinary drawing ability.
His dynamic and bold style is supported by strong production design and an effective score.  The underlying political message about our complacency (“Que Sera Sera”) and dependency on oil + gas makes the film poignant and powerful.


Here is a piece out just this week in Cartoon Brew:


We’d love to share more about these films & filmmakers in the coming weeks…