62 GEORGE STREET is an Animation PR, Promotion and Consultation company founded by industry veteran, Jamie Kezlarian Bolio
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Welp, after some warm-hearted advice from my friend, Marco, I have decided to start a blog…


My background is in traditional animation but I have trained in CG Animation and also made a little short film in stop-motion, with the help of a tremendous filmmaker Elliot Cowan (who whizzed through the compositing in just a few days).


I transitioned from being an artist to being a champion of independent films when I came across the film, THE SECRET OF KELLS while working in Edinburgh on Sylvain Chomet’s THE ILLUSIONIST.


The images from KELLS were absolutely stunning and I knew I needed to see this film – and it was everything I had hoped it would be (and the team from Cartoon Saloon was even more incredible).


I have been so lucky to have been able to work on the publicity campaigns, promoting some of the greatest films (& the greatest filmmaking teams) to come out of Europe & Japan in recent years – and in the last 4 years, 4 of those films have garnered Oscar nominations.


The latest film which I championed, ERNEST & CELESTINE was an absolute joy and a blessing.


The film is just now out in theatres and Benjamin Renner’s amazing approach to filmmaking is a story in itself and deserves to be told.


Marco’s right…

I suppose the only way to reach a broader audience, get out dates and times of the film releases, talk about outstanding achievements by the filmmakers and up-and-coming features, shorts, artists and exhibits is to start a blog.


So bear with me as I start this venture.


All artwork is owned by the respective artist or studio.


And any information about which I write is what I believe to be true and is relayed to my audience in good faith, with all intended respect and good will.