THE PROPHET: Cartoon Saloon’s Chapter ON LOVE
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THE PROPHET: Cartoon Saloon’s Chapter ON LOVE

  |   Feature Films

May 26, 2014


In September of 2013, I was in Kilkenny (and Derry – for the launch of the KELLS’ limited edition prints – Click here) when The Saloon was in the throes of SONG OF THE SEA, the follow up feature to their 2010 Oscar®-nominated film, THE SECRET OF KELLS.


At the same time, some of the crew was also working on a chapter of THE PROPHET, a film based Kahlil Gibran’s book of poetry essays from 1923.


Executive produced by Salma Hayek, along with Clark Peterson, Jose Tamez and Ron Senkowski, written and directed by Roger Allers (THE LION KING), 8 internationally acclaimed filmmakers were asked to animate chapters in their chosen medium (2D digital, 2D / traditional, toon-shaded CG & clay-painting animation).


Chapter directors include Paul and Gaetan Brizzi (“Firebird Suite,” FANTASIA 2000), Joan C. Gratz (MONA LISA DESCENDING A STAIRCASE), Mohammed Saeed Harib (FREEJ), Tomm Moore (THE SECRET OF KELLS, SONG OF THE SEA), Nina Paley (SITA SINGS THE BLUES), Bill Plympton (YOUR FACE), Joann Sfar (THE RABBI’S CAT), and Michal Socha (CHICK).
The music score was composed by the incomparable Gabriel Yared (BETTY BLUE, THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY) with songs by Damien Rice, Glen Hansard and Lisa Hannigan.


Several of the directors were in attendance in Cannes to speak about their chapters and their participation in this wonderfully collaborative film.×9
L to R: Tomm Moore, Paul Brizzi, Salma Hayek, Roger Allers, Joan Gratz, Joann Sfar, Gabriel Yared and Gaetan Brizzi.×0-1.jpg
L to R: Bill Plympton, Paul Brizzi, Roger Allers, Joan C. Gratz, Gaetan Brizzi, Tomm Moore & Joann Sfar.
L t R: Tomm Moore & Salma Hayek


Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart (who art-directed THE SECRET OF KELLS) co-directed Cartoon Saloon’s absolutely EXQUISITE chapter on love.


The Saloon’s chapter was designed in a style reminiscent of Gustav Klimt and influenced by Arabic calligraphy, animated in 2D (TVPaint and Anime Studio Pro), with traditional hand-drawn backgrounds on paper, digitally painted in Adobe Photoshop and composited in After Effects.


And it is STUNNING.


Included below are a few shots I took of the directors at work at The Saloon and a few images from THE PROPHET (photo credit: Latino Variety) in order to illustrate which images are from Cartoon Saloon.


[L to R: Stefano Scapolan (Background Artist) & Ross Stewart (Co-Director)]



[L to R: Ross Stewart, Tomm Moore (Co-Directors, “On Love,” THE PROPHET) & Adrien Merigeau (Art Director, SONG OF THE SEA)]



[3 Photos on Cartoon Saloon’s Chapter “On Love” – Photo Credit: Variety Latino]

PhotoCredit: Latino Variety #18

PhotoCredit: Latino Variety #17

PhotoCredit: Latino Variety #16


All of THE PROPHET images (42 stills) are included in the original sourced Variety Latino link below.!29/the-prophet/


I am also including an image on love that Tomm painted for Salma Hayek based on a drawing by Co-Director, Ross Stewart.


Tomm was asked to provide some original artwork from their chapter but, since their backgrounds were painted digitally, Tomm decided to take a layout drawn by Ross Stewart and trace it onto watercolor paper (making “a few adjustments to the characters etc and added some watercolor washes…”)


Tomm presented the framed piece to Salma Hayek (& Deepak Chopra) in Cannes.


[Ross Stewart’s Original Layout]

[Tomm Moore’s Adjusted Drawing]


[Tomm Moore’s Final Painting]