Oct – Nov: Quick Overview | Films & Festivals
62 GEORGE STREET is an Animation PR, Promotion and Consultation company founded by industry veteran, Jamie Kezlarian Bolio
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Oct – Nov: Quick Overview | Films & Festivals

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Had an amazing time this past month in Europe talking what we do at 62 GEORGE STREET.


We will post more about the trip and the specifics in the coming days, but just a quick word about the incredible reception we had regarding the great talent we represent and this year’s film slate and the festivals attended…



We started our trip in Florence, to the Nemo Academy where we were treated to such incredible hospitality…






Wonderful museums, architecture and inspiring sculptures, artwork and scenery as far as the eye can see…





Tomm and I each spoke on Oct 22nd at the amazing Cinema Teatro Odeon.




Tomm specifically about the amazing work of Cartoon Saloon (for which he was honored)…


FlorenceTomm_PhotoCourtesyNemolandPhoto courtesy of Nemoland




And I spoke about 62 GEORGE STREET and the great talent I am so privileged to represent…


Jamie_PhotoCourtesyNemolandPhoto courtesy of Nemoland


I, too, was so kindly recognized for helping “advance the art of animation.”
I thank the Nemo Academy again, so very much, for this incredible gesture and honor.




We both spoke about KAHLIL GIBRAN’S THE PROPHET and Tomm had an extensive slide-show presentation where he shared stunning work from his & Ross Stewart’s poem ON LOVE.


Tomm Moore & Ross Stewart's ON LOVE, Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet


A young girl in the front row was very gracious in pointing out how grateful she is that there is someone who champions the independents — including the short film.

She was so thrilled to hear me mention the films of the National Film Board of Canada, calling out Claude Cloutier’s CARFACE, which she had seen and loved at the Giffoni Film Festival in the South of Italy.  She said it is these small independent, alternative films that inspire and give hope to aspiring artists and filmmakers.

They need to be seen to be loved.




Tomm and I met up again in Amsterdam at the terrifically fun KLIK! Festival where I was on the jury — thank you so much, Tunde + Yvonne.
I really enjoyed my time in Amsterdam and was exceedingly well looked after by the lovely and talented Eeke.  She went beyond the call of duty — each and every day.



We awarded Best Short Film to LE REPAS DOMINICAL (SUNDAY LUNCH) by Celine DeVaux.




It is a very melancholy – yet ordinary story, with extraordinary visuals and wonderfully explosive casting.  It is paint-on glass and the jury quickly & unanimously awarded this film top honors.



Nassos Vakalis’ DINNER FOR FEW, another one of the films on my slate this year, won best political short at KLIK! — and is now up to a whopping 57 festival awards!






I also went to Denmark and Estonia — which I will write about more in follow up as these incredible trips deserves much more coverage.

I spoke at The Animation Workshop, visited Norlum (co-producers of SONG OF THE SEA and producers of LONGWAY NORTH) and went to Tallinn (Estonia), where I visited Nukufilm / Riho Unt, the director of THE MASTER (also winning tons of festival awards for this incredibly dark, thought-provoking stop-motion film).


Absolutely amazing time.



I ended my month away in Espinho, Portugal — a festival about which I honestly can’t speak highly enough.






They had chosen a great slate of films, including almost all of my shorts this year and even a few of the films I represented last year.



This year’s slate:

Claude Cloutier’s CARFACE





Cordell Barker’s IF I WAS GOD…


If I Was God - Cordell Barker






Julien Regnard & Jonathan Clarke’s SOMEWHERE DOWN THE LINE


Last year’s slate:

Alan Holly’s CODA





And shout-outs for:






Mai Nguyen’s CHEZ MOI




Adrien Merigeau’s OLD FANGS





Matthew Darragh’s AN ODE TO LOVE






Please find the time to see these great films — and meet these amazing artists.



I feel so lucky to every day be inspired by the people they are — and by the work they do…………………….