European Fall Trip: FLORENCE, 10/15
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European Fall Trip: FLORENCE, 10/15

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European Fall Trip:  FLORENCE
10/17 – 10/24


I will be blogging a bit about the last month in Europe…
It was an amazing trip covering several countries, festivals, studios and schools across Europe.


1st stop: Florence.
Tomm (& his lovely wife, Liselott) and I were invited to the Nemo Academy in Florence to speak about our careers in animation…



We were treated to an absolutely amazing week in Florence and Siena — we visited museums, palaces, enjoyed the most incredible cityscapes and the best in Italian food and wine.


2015-10-21 11.33.10


Florence Sunset


We each presented our talks on Oct. 22nd — at a beautiful huge ancient theatre, the Teatre Odien — which packed-in a very gracious full house.


Teatro Odien - Florence



2015-10-22 09.49.19


Tomm - Florence

Florence - Tomm
Photo Courtesy The Nemo Academy

Jamie - Presentation

Jamie - Florence
Photo Courtesy The Nemo Academy

Jamie - Florence / AndreasPhoto Courtesy The Nemo Academy

Tomm was honored for the amazing work he does with Cartoon Saloon.

And I was also so very kindly recognized for my work in helping “advance the art of animation.”
What an honor.
Thank you, Nemo Academy.


We are so grateful to our incredibly generous hosts for such an amazing time…



2015-10-21 21.56.40_ReCut


And thank you to all who came and welcomed us so warmly…
Grazie mille.