European Fall Trip: Estonia & Finland, 11/6 – 11/9
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European Fall Trip: Estonia & Finland, 11/6 – 11/9

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Next stop: Tallinn, Estonia & Helsinki, Finland!


Well, I thought Edinburgh was the most beautiful place on the planet…


It is still my favorite — heart of my heart (outside of my hometown of Royal Oak, Michigan) until I visited Prague…


I now, however, have a new first place: Tallinn, Estonia.





MY GOSH — it is the most beautiful, virtually untouched, fairy tale place!


I went to visit Nukufilm — an amazing stopmotion studio in Tallinn where they produced the award-winning film, THE MASTER directed by Riho Unt.



TheMaster_NukuFilmThe Master, Riho Unt



Nukufilm is also co-producing a film with Telegael in Ireland, called MORTEN AND THE SHIP OF FOOLS.  I’d seen some footage at Annecy with their producer, Andrus Raudsalu, who’d also asked me to represent THE MASTER (ISAND) in the US.




It was a nice surprise to be mentioned in Tallinn’s top paper about representing THE MASTER (ISAND) for the awards season.



And my colleague, Josh Jason was also mentioned for working on Nuku’s live-action film, 1944.






I was so impressed by the look of MORTEN, I came over to Tallinn (and to Connemara near Galway) to see how the film was progressing. It was also a wonderful opportunity to meet Riho, Ragnar, Kaspar and Kristy!



Beautiful puppets…!!








Kristy gave me an amazing tour of the city — and then Heli came and gave me even more of a tour…
It was incredible.




Tallinn, Old Town



IMG_9886With Heli…


Riho & Kristy then took us to dinner at The Olde Hansa…




Incredible traditional Estonian meal.

IMG_9941_ReTRiho, Kaspar, Ragnar, Jamie and Kristy


IMG_9939Riho, Kaspar, Ragnar, Jamie and Kristy


Wonderful time, incredible people, amazing talent — thank you all so very much.





I was supposed to leave the following morning for the Cinanima Film Festival in Espinho, Portugal when Estonia Air went bankrupt.
And alas, Lufthansa also went on strike that weekend!


I took the ferry to Helsinki (which was planned as a day trip anyway) but took all of my bags hoping to catch a flight from Helsinki…





My friends, David Navarro & the Jappinens came to meet me — and we had a lovely breakfast and tea…


WHEN MARNIE WAS THERE was playing in the theatre attached to the coffee shop (another GKIDS film I am representing this year)…





We were all on cell phones trying to figure out how I was going to get to Espinho (Porto) for a screening that evening.


What patience their little one had as we were trying so desperately to get me re-routed.





I was finally rebooked to Porto on a new airline (Adria Air) — so I had rush to catch the ferry back to Tallinn.

We had only enough time for a quick drive around the city.


I am so grateful for my lovely hosts, who took the time out on Father’s Day, no less…





To visit and show me a bit of their lovely city, talk about the work they do — and to see Anima Boutique heading back to the ferry dock.



I look forward to seeing them all again — and returning the favor.
Thank you to the Jappinens and to David.


I made it back to Tallinn and to my surprise, Kristy was waiting at the dock.




She rebooked me into the hotel (which I’d cancelled — the incredible 5-star, came to meet me at the dock, brought me back to the hotel……………..


Courtesy_http://i1.trekearth.comPhoto Courtesy:

She then took me to Kadriorg Palace built by Peter the Great for Catherine I of Russia.

It was such a lovely last night — and the kindest gesture from a new friend.


Thank you, Kristy.