European Fall Trip: CINANIMA Film Festival (Portugal), 11/9 – 11/13
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European Fall Trip: CINANIMA Film Festival (Portugal), 11/9 – 11/13

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Final Stop: Porto & Espinho for the Cinanima Film Festival!



After a very long journey from Tallinn via Brussels, I arrive in Porto, Portugal where Carlos Del Carvalho, Anabela Branco de Oliveira, Nicole Salomon and I are greeted by 2 of our wonderful festival hosts, António Sá and Ana Paula Silva.


We are driven from Porto to Espinho, about 1/2 hour journey to a resort town on the beach — and we check into our hotel right on the water just in time for the sunset.




Carlos and I met Tony Donoghue — along with the incredibly kind and thoughtful Tiago Almeida (from CINANIMA) when we arrived at the hotel.


They invited me along to dine with their jury and (that was it for the rest of my time in Espinho!!) from there on in, I was kept snug and warm, tight under their wing for the rest of my amazing time at CINANIMA.

EspinhoJury_CarlosDeCarvalhoCinanima Jury +1, Photo Courtesy Carlos De Carvalho

The following day, the first full day, I went back to Porto to site-see, as I knew it would be my only day to explore.




When I returned to Espinho, Tiago and Tony somehow found me after my long day in Porto, refusing to allow me to be alone for the rest of the evening.




They truly went out of their way to include me in every lunch, dinner, bar-outing — and I honestly had the best time with them.


What an amazing group of guys…
What a truly incredible festival.


IMG_0271Another extraordinary sunset…

This one shared with my new friend, Alex Bohrer Siqueira…



We were soon joined by an Irish-New Zealand filmmaker to make our international group complete.


Matthew’s film Ode to Love was one of the selected shorts and he has been on quite the trek around the globe with this lovely film…

OdeToLoveOde to Love, Matthew Darrah (Brown Bag Films)

CarlaMatthewJamieWith Carla with Matthew…


And at the helm of it all, at the great CINANIMA — is Cristina Lima and Carla Relvas, whom we cannot begin to thank for all of their hardwork.


Not to mention my continued thanks to Tiago (below, C-R) for all he did to make my trip so incredibly welcoming and enjoyable…

Another great dinner with the French, Dutch, Brazilian, Portuguese, and an added Kiwi!

IMG_0300Another great dinner with the French, Dutch, Brazilian, Portuguese, and an added Kiwi!

IMG_0293Another great dinner with the French, Dutch, Brazilian, Portuguese, and an added Kiwi!

IMG_0308_ReCutAnother great dinner with the French, Dutch, Brazilian, Portuguese, and an added Kiwi!

Caipirinhas!And our new favorite drink, Caipirinhas!


Lest I not forget to speak about the films at CINANIMA…
Not only were the people wonderful, but they had an incredible selection of short films.


CinanimaPosterCinanima Poster – Photo Courtesy of Cinanima, 2015

CinanimaTheatre03Cinanima Theatre Screening – Photo Courtesy of Cinanima, 2015



What a lovely surprise to see they’d chosen several of 62 GEORGE STREET’s films:

Riho Unt’s THE MASTER (which won “premio” / best overall short)!



Claude Cloutier’s CARFACE


Cordell Barker’s IF I WAS GOD…


If I Was God - Cordell Barker
Alan Holly’s CODA


And a shout-out to a couple films we love:

Celine DeVaux’s LE REPAS DOMINICAL (a film my jury in KLIK! awarded top honors, CINANIMA also honored for the best 5-24 min short)…


and Mai Nguyen’s CHEZ MOI!




Before I left (I had to resume my Annie Award duties in the U.S.), we were invited to a brunch at City Hall.



JohnChill of ASIFA-China and Ed Desroches, the President of ASIFA (International), presented a gift to be given to Espinho’s Mayor.


IMG_0332And our favorite visiting Kiwi made a new friend.

IMG_0338And our favorite visiting Kiwi, Matthew, made a new friend.

(As well as a few more from The Netherlands, who showed their film at the festival…)

Cristina & Tiago of Cinanima…


Last stop, back to the theatre for one last thank you to an incredible crew…
The biggest abraço e beijo to all of you at Cinanima for The. Best. Time.


I will be back.  XO