European Fall Trip: Amsterdam, 10/28 – 11/2
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European Fall Trip: Amsterdam, 10/28 – 11/2

  |   Colleagues, Feature Films, Short Films

Next stop: Amsterdam | The Klik! Amsterdam Film Festival!


I was invited to judge the KLIK! Animation Festival in Amsterdam and had such a lovely time…


I spoke in a “heart-to-heart” about working in the big studios with my beloved colleague and Disney supervisor, Margie Daniels – moderated by Klik’s Tünde Vollenbroek.



I also introduced Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet — where an exuberant audience said hello to Director Roger Allers back home in LA:


I also had a full load of “consultation shifts” where I was reviewing portfolios and talking shop with students and professionals.
Great turn out.




It was an amazing 5 days of non-stop film-watching — and making new friends!



JappinensThe Jappinens of Helsinki!


And seeing old friends…!!


ElizaTommLiKLIKEliza Jappinen with Tomm Moore and Liselott Olofsson.


IMG_9317Klik’s Yvonne Van Ulden with Disney’s Margie & Eric Daniels with (Frankie, Klik’s mascot zoetrope/trophy-maker) Klaas-Harm de Boer, far right.




I was one of 3 jurors, along with Dutch Film programmer Ronald Simons and Writer/Director, Joost Rejmers…–jury



EekeYvonneJoostThe incredible Eeke, Yvonne and Joost at the awards dinner…



We were tasked with judging the KLIK! MediaMonks Award for Best Animated Short 2015, which we unanimously and quickly awarded to Celine DeVaux for Le Repas Dominical (Sunday Lunch).




Eeke, Yvonne and Celine with her Frankie for Best Short for Le Repas Dominical.


We also awarded to prizes to 2 Dutch filmmakers:
Best Humor went to Paniek! by Daan Velsink and Joost Lieuwma.




And Best Craftsmanship went Zeezucht (Jonas and the Sea) by Marlies van der Wel.



What a great line-up of films, wonderful people and an extraordinary backdrop…




To Yvonne and Tunde — thank you for such a lovely invitation and such a wonderful time…


My love and ENORMOUS thanks to Eeke for going beyond the call, each and every day.




I could not have been looked after better.


See you all again soon.