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I have to say, I continue to be astounded by the incredible talent and perseverance demonstrated by my friend, Elliot Cowan.


I am a huge (HUGE!) fan of his drawings (and the speed by which he works).


Elliot’s whimsical style is so incredibly appealing – to me, it is uniquely his own but also sliiiiightly reminiscent of two of my absolute favorite artists, Ralph Steadman and Gerald Scarfe.


Elliot is also generous with his artwork, he is quick with a drawing and generous to share and donate to a good cause.


Elliot has made several short films with his Boxhead/Roundhead characters.  These two amiable brothers rather often get into some frightening misadventures – always accompanied by an amazing soundtrack (cue: the great Matt Saxton or the Australian band, The Gadflys).

Elliot’s feature film: THE STRESSFUL ADVENTURES OF BOXHEAD & ROUNDHEAD premiered in New York last night – and with the help of a handful or two of some extraordinary folks, he made an ENTIRE FEATURE FILM in only a few short years.


The calibre of these people is quite impressive.  The backgrounds/production designs were made by the incomparable Neil Ross – who helped set the visual tone of the film.

Combined with Elliot’s superbly & bizarrely appealing characters, whom Boxhead & Roundhead meet throughout this latest adventure, as well as the timing of the animation, some great voice acting (h/t to the man of the hour himself – Elliot Cowan, Jeremy Beck & Carl Doonan, and [the multi-talented] Boris Hiestand), a tremendous soundtrack (The Gadflys), and the wonderful relationship between the characters – makes, what I have seen of, this film so engaging!

I continue to be incredibly impressed by Elliot and would like to give him and his very small crew a big shout-out… http://sandwichbag.blogspot.com/2014/03/thank-you.html


Can’t wait to see the west coast premiere.
Congratulations, Elliot.

I raise my glass.