Cartoon Saloon Hits SoCal with Sneak Peeks & Book Signings…
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Cartoon Saloon Hits SoCal with Sneak Peeks & Book Signings…

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Cartoon Saloon co-founders, Tomm Moore & Paul Young came to SoCal last week for a whirlwind of events at Comic-Con and in Los Angeles. Tomm (Director – THE SECRET OF KELLS, SONG OF THE SEA) & Paul (Producer – THE SECRET OF KELLS, SONG OF THE SEA) arrived on the 23rd of July – just in time for us to head off for a full 4 days at Comic-Con (& meet a friend for margaritas!). Cartoon Saloon In SoCal From Thursday thru Saturday, the guys had book signings at Stuart Ng’s booth – and each day, the line had to be capped in order to get through all of the patrons… Cartoon Saloon In SoCal And inscribe each book with a little drawing. Cartoon Saloon In SoCal We even had a lovely Aisling cosplayer…!! Cartoon Saloon In SoCal And a load of very special guests who came by to purchase a book… Cartoon Saloon In SoCal Friday, we also had a panel – a sneak peek of Cartoon Saloon’s next film, SONG OF THE SEA (due for release later in the year). song_of_the_sea_poster Cartoon Saloon In SoCal We had a great turn out! Cartoon Saloon In SoCal …Wonderful fans, friends and colleagues who came by to catch the panel. Cartoon Saloon In SoCal We had book signings each day… A most sincere thanks to Stuart Ng and his merry band of outstanding helpers…!!Cartoon Saloon In SoCal And to Comic-Con (and Laura J.)  for helping make our time in San Diego run smoothly and efficiently. We had a brilliant time…!! SDCC_2013 We returned to LA on Sunday for a host of events… HollywoodSign Monday we had a great signing & reception at The Animation Guild in Burbank…   We had lovely pasteries from PORTO’s, vegan cookies from Uncle Ed’s and – and displayed some of the custom-framed limited edition prints which can purchased via Cartoon Saloon. Cartoon Saloon In SoCal   At each event, Tomm got started on the drawings hours in advance to try and get ahead of the line.   Cartoon Saloon In SoCal   Cartoon Saloon In SoCal …And Tomm & Paul enjoyed the time they spent with each new friend. Cartoon Saloon In SoCal There was even a group who started lining up at 2pm – we were thrilled to have them…!! Cartoon Saloon In SoCal And a lovely young girl named Nicole whose dad took the day off of work to drive them up from San Diego to have their book signed… (!!XO!!) We are so grateful to The Animation Guild for permitting us to use the meeting room. The Animation Guild On Tuesday we had a panel, book signing and a reception hosted by ASIFA-Hollywood and Woodbury University. Cartoon Saloon In SoCal We had a lovely crowd as well as a live-streamed audience from around the globe… Cartoon Saloon In SoCal And another wonderful reception and book signing…. Cartoon Saloon In SoCal With some extraordinary talent… Cartoon Saloon In SoCal If you haven’t had a chance to see MOONE BOY – it is a fantastic series out of Ireland which you can see on HULU. One of its very gifted writers, Kilkenny-native Nick Murphy (L), came by to lend his support & say hello… The series has animation done by Cartoon Saloon and stars (creator & co-writer) Chris O Dowd and (one of the stars of SONG OF THE SEA) David Rawle. Check out the series – it is incredible!   Cartoon Saloon In SoCal If you weren’t able to join us (we will soon repost the broadcast via the Cartoon Saloon site) and you can purchase books directly from Stuart Ng Books: Cartoon Saloon In SoCal Cartoon Saloon In SoCal Thank you ASIFA-Hollywood –, Jonathan @ Cartoon Saloon, Woodbury University – and Brandon & crew (Woodbury’s IT Dept) for helping us broadcast the event for all of the chapters of ASIFA worldwide as well as the fans of Cartoon Saloon. ASIFA_Hollywood [Woodbury’s incredible Chair of Animation (L) & Steven Ng of Stuart Ng books – Thank you Dori & Stuart Ng Books!] Cartoon Saloon In SoCal [Brandon, Woodbury’s IT (R)] Cartoon Saloon In SoCal And a special thanks to the Woodbury students (Christian, Emily & Zare) who helped out – and to our dear Emma Claire. [SONG OF THE SEA’S Consulting Editor, Darren Holmes & Emma Claire] Cartoon Saloon In SoCal We were so lucky to have you all…       And thanks to IndieWIRE & Animation Scoop for a great write-up!       On Wednesday we were invited to DreamWorks to share the sneak peek with both the Glendale campus and broadcast it up to the Redwood City campus at PDI… Cartoon Saloon In SoCal And sign books for their crew! Cartoon Saloon In SoCal More extraordinary talent! Cartoon Saloon In SoCal   Cartoon Saloon In SoCal   Cartoon Saloon In SoCal   Cartoon Saloon In SoCal Thank you DreamWorks for always welcoming us… Cartoon Saloon In SoCal We headed off to meet friends (!!XOXO!!) working on a phenomenal top-secret project… And topped the last evening off with a truly lovely vegan meal with our dear friend Roger (THE LION KING, KAHLIL GIBRAN’S THE PROPHET). The perfect end to a really great week… TommRogerJamiePaul It is amazing how quickly these 8 days have gone… We thank all of our friends, colleagues, and Cartoon Saloon fans who joined us… We had a truly wonderful time… Cartoon Saloon In SoCal