Amblimation Reunion
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Amblimation Reunion

  |   Colleagues, Feature Films

On August 21st, 2014 we had a 25th Amblimation Reunion at The Kings Head in Studio City, CA.


About 75 former colleagues and their partners came and we really had a lovely time catching up.
Amblimation Crowd
Robert Crawford put together a photo montage from the studio and they were screened across the back three screens in the pub.

Watching Screenings

Nick Fletcher edited together 45 minutes worth of studio footage and it also screened across the back…

(Rodolphe wearing his vintage Amblimation shirt…)
TV Screens

We watched, yelling out friends’ names in recognition, laughed in jest at those in the room and clapped for those who are so sadly missed.


Robert spoke first and thanked those who had a hand in organizing the event (he did not mention himself – but a big shout-out to Robert for the photo montage, for adding to the contacts — & to his wife Kit for the lovely event photos [below & on the Amblimation fb page] ), to Stuart Campbell for securing an amazing venue, to Nick for preparing the video, and to the unmatched, behind-the-scenes help of Jill Hopper.

(Bonne & Robert)
Bonne & Robert
(Jill & Silvia)
Jill & Silvia
Steve Hickner came up with an envelope of unopened Amblimation pins (he’s had for 20+ years) to pass out…
And spoke of Annie Elvin, “the heart and soul of the studio.”

(Marco & Annie in 2006 when Annie visited us in LA…)
Marco & Annie
Simon Wells & Phil Nibbelink gave a very heartwarming speech…
Stuart’s bombastic speech — I believe was for the introduction of Nick’s film…

(L to R: Simon, Phil, Nick & Stuart)
Directors' Speech

And Robert came back — as we raised a glass to those who present — and to those with us in spirit.

(Photo of us at the Kings Arms back in the day, with Raul raising his glass…)
A Toast...

The Kings ArmsA Toast...Much to my own chagrin, I never fully made it around the room to have a chat with everyone — or even say hello to everyone…
So I’d say we need to do this again soon.
The Old Burlington

Thank you all for coming — and to those who flew in for the occasion.
Production Crew
Brian, Graeme, StuartRobert. Harald, JohnCamera DeptThank you Donal for a great time at The Kings Head.



Thank you Jill, Robert & Stuart for helping pull it together.



An amazing crew & extraordinary talent…
London Calling...

I feel very fortunate to have started my career with all of you.