62 GEORGE STREET is Headed to Annecy, Zagreb & Galway!
62 GEORGE STREET is an Animation PR, Promotion and Consultation company founded by industry veteran, Jamie Kezlarian Bolio
62 George Street, Animation, PR, Promotion, Consultation, Jamie Kezlarian Bolio.
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62 GEORGE STREET is Headed to Annecy, Zagreb & Galway!

  |   Colleagues, Feature Films, Short Films



62 GEORGE STREET is headed to Annecy, Zagreb & Galway!


















If you are an independent filmmaker who has a special aesthetic & a great story, in short-form or feature (or if you are a creative, a studio, or you’re an international film board looking for awards’ representation or US Representation), 62 GEORGE STREET will be reviewing work at major film festivals and in studios across Europe.




If you prefer to send in submissions for review, please contact us at info@62georgestreet.com for more details.




If you have trouble reaching us, please be patient as we may be traveling…




Hope to see you along our travels &/or in Annecy, Zagreb and Galway.